Gadar 2 Budget vs Box Office Collection: The Financial Success of a Blockbuster


The film industry is no stranger to the excitement and anticipation that a sequel can bring, and “Gadar 2” was no exception. Following the monumental success of its predecessor, “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha,” expectations were sky-high for the continuation of this iconic story.

The most famous family in India, Tara, Sakeena, and Jeete, are back in Gadar 2, 22 years after the first movie. The story takes place during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. Once again, Tara Singh will fight every enemy to protect his country and family’s honor.

In this article, we delve into the financial aspects of “Gadar 2,” exploring its budget allocation and box office collection to determine the extent of its triumph.

The Making of Gadar 2

Before we talk about financial details, let’s go over the path that led to “Gadar 2.” The original “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha” left an indelible mark on Indian cinema with its powerful story and memorable acts. The second movie tried to bring back that magic, and fans could feel their joy.

For “Gadar 2” to be made, careful planning and use of resources were needed. With a big budget of 100 crores, the film’s team had to figure out how to use the money most effectively to make their idea come to life on the big screen.

The Budget Breakdown

When you break down a movie’s budget, you can see how the money is spent on all the different parts of making it. To find “Gadar 2,” a significant portion of the budget was allocated to casting, ensuring that the ensemble cast was not only talented but also capable of drawing audiences to theaters.

The total budget of the film is said to be 90 crores which

Sunny Deol charged a whooping ₹20 crores

Ameesha Patel – ₹2 crores

Utkarsh Sharma – ₹1 crore

Simrat Kaur – ₹80 Lakhs and

More artists’ fees (unrevealed)

An additional 10 crores were spent on print and promotion

Shooting locations, set designs, and special effects also claimed a substantial share of the budget (unrevealed as of now). The film’s ambition to recreate certain historical and visually stunning scenes required substantial financial investment.

The above numbers come from a number of sources, as well as our own study. The numbers can be close, and Cinepodium doesn’t say anything about how true the information is. However, they give a good idea of how the money has been spent on various aspects.

Pre-Release Buzz and Expectations

The success of a film often begins before its release, as marketing and promotional efforts generate anticipation among the audience. “Gadar 2” was no exception, with its promotional strategies with a budget of 10 crores creating a buzz that extended beyond the fan base of the original film. The question on everyone’s mind was whether the sequel could replicate or even surpass the impact of its predecessor.

The pre-release buzz was instrumental in projecting the film’s potential box office performance. The excitement among fans, combined with the star power associated with the film, contributed to the high expectations for its financial success.

Box Office Collection Analysis

As the curtains opened and “Gadar 2” hit theaters, the numbers started rolling in. The opening weekend collection set the tone for the film’s box office journey, and both domestic and international collections were closely monitored. Comparisons with the original “Gadar” were inevitable, and the numbers provided insights into whether the sequel managed to carve its own path to success.

Day 111-Aug-23₹40.10 cr.
Day 212-Aug-23₹43.08 cr.
Day 313-Aug-23₹51.70 cr.
Day 414-Aug-23₹38.70 cr.
Day 515-Aug-23₹55.40 cr.
Day 616-Aug-23₹32.37 cr.
Day 717-Aug-23₹23.28 cr.
Day 818-Aug-23₹20.50 cr.
Day 919-Aug-23₹31.07 cr.
Day 1020-Aug-23₹38.90 cr.
Day 1121-Aug-23₹13.50 cr.
Day 1222-Aug-23₹12.10 cr.
Day 1323-Aug-23₹10 cr.


India box office collection 488.93 cr.
Overseas collection 48.12 cr.
Worldwide collections 537.05 cr.

The box office numbers come from a number of sources, as well as our own study. The numbers can be close, and Cinepodium doesn’t say anything about how true the information is. However, they give a good idea of how well the movie did at the box office.

There were numerous factors influencing box office performance. The film’s profits were heavily influenced by the film’s star-studded cast, its release date in relation to other films, and the audience’s reception.

Financial Success vs. Creative Achievement

While box office numbers hold undeniable importance, they are not the sole measure of a film’s impact. “Gadar 2” raised questions about the balance between financial success and creative achievement. As the audience celebrated its box office triumph, critics and viewers engaged in discussions about the film’s storytelling and direction. This duality highlighted the complex nature of evaluating a film’s worth.

Impact on the Industry

The success of a big movie like “Gadar 2” is felt all over the movie business. It sets trends and affects decisions about how much money to spend and how to sell a product. As directors and producers watch how this sequel does, they learn more about how audiences’ tastes change and where they might be able to make money.


In the end, “Gadar 2” was a big deal in the world of movies, not only because it made a lot of money but also because it was able to catch people’s imaginations. The price was a big part of the movie’s grandeur, and the money it made at the box office showed how excited people were about it. As we enjoy what it has done, it’s important to remember that the magic of movies comes from the way money and creativity work together.

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