“The Legend of Hanuman” Season 3: The Expected Release Date and More


In the world of history and timeless tales, no one stands as tall as Hanuman Ji, the deity loved by all and loves everyone as their devotees. His story of bravery, love, and unwavering loyalty to Lord Ram has touched people of all ages and backgrounds. As excitement grows for “The Legend of Hanuman” season 3, which will be a re-imagined version of our beloved God Hanuman Ji, we find ourselves pulled into a captivating story that promises to give his legend a new lease on life. Join us as we go on a trip to find out what Hanuman Ji’s legacy really means, how he still affects people, and what’s so exciting about this new version of the story.

A Fresh Narrative

“The Legend of Hanuman” brought a fresh perspective to this iconic character, exploring his journey and virtues in a way that resonates with modern technology with great animation, sound tracks, cinematography and the most important the art design.

Release Date Prediction

Many viewers adored the show when it debuted in January 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar. They then released a second season in July 2021, which was equally fantastic and a bigger hit. The studio is currently planning to release a third season in November 2023, though the precise date has not yet been determined however as a fan and a devotee we can expect it to be released on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali.

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Cultural Significance

Where the recent release of the big budget film that failed on the audience expectations miserably, the success of “The Legend of Hanuman” shows that instead of big budgets you need vision, passion and most important you have to be true and rooted to your culture and its history. The show shows the canon events as well as some unpopular events that make you curious and stick to the story throughout. Discover more how Hanuman’s story transcends cultural boundaries, resonating with people from different walks of life. His tale embodies universal values and teachings only on Disney+ Hotstar.

Voicing the characters in “The Legend of Hanuman”

The selection of voice actors plays a pivotal role in capturing the legendary essence of the Godly characters. Below is the list of the actors who contributed their voices to the project:

Character NameArtist Name
Narrator 1Shaktee Singh
Narrator 2Sharad Kelkar
JambavanShaktee Singh
Shree RamSanket Mhatre
Shree LaxmanRichard Joel
NalRohan Verma
NeelAmit Deondi
SughreevVikrant Chaturvedi
VaaliSahil Vaid
AngadPushkar Vijay
ShurpnakhaToshi Sinha
Maata AnjanaRakhee Sharma
Pawan DevShailendra Pandey
Teenage RavanRohan Jadhav
Kid HanumanJasleen Singh
HanumanDamandeep Singh
Void DemonDamandeep Singh
HariyaAadityaraj Sharma
NirvaniPooja Punjabi
Raja SuketuVikram Kochhar
SwayamprabhaNeha Gargava
SampaatiRajesh Jolly
Devraj IndraRajeev Raj
RomaBarkha Swaroop Saksena
WalkhilyaSurendra Bhatia
Rishi VishravaSurendra Bhatia
Shree SitaSurbhi Pandey
VibheesanGireesh Sahdev
IndrajitGanesh Divekar
AkshayAjitesh Gupta
MandodariArannya Kaur
RavanaSharad Kelkar

Trailers and Teasers

Sneak peeks into the animated world of “The Legend of Hanuman” season 3 generated excitement and curiosity among fans. The teaser was released on 30th June 2023 since then all the fans are gone mad in the excitement of the trailer and eventually the Season 3.

Anticipated Plot

While the exact plot details are under wraps, we can speculate about the key events and themes that “The Legend of Hanuman” might explore as per the ending of the last season where the Vanar Sena reached Lanka via Ram Setu. The epic battle of Treta Yug is on the verge of happening in the upcoming season and to be honest the details in which the show has been created I think it will take more episodes than the last 2 seasons or whole another season to cover all of the glories. It is going to be a roller coaster ride of emotions so be ready.  

Countdown to Immersion

As the release date approaches, prepare for an immersive experience that will transport you into the world of Hanuman. Get ready to be captivated by this epic tale.


“The Legend of Hanuman” promises to not only respect the famous character but also introduce him to a new generation. As its release date gets closer, people are getting more and more excited. As we get ready to see Hanuman Ji’s journey in a new way, we are informed of the lessons and values he stands for that will never change.

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Q. When is the release date of “The Legend of Hanuman” Season 3?
A. The release date is anticipated to be in November 2023 however the exact date is yet to be announced.

Q. Who is behind the creation of “The Legend of Hanuman”?
A. The series is brought to life by a team of visionary creators, animators, and writers. Sharad Devarajan, Jeevan J. Kang, and Charuvi Agrawal composed The Legend of Hanuman Ji as an animated series for Disney+ Hotstar and was created by Graphic India.

Q. What makes Hanuman Ji’s story so significant across cultures?
A. Hanuman Ji’s tale embodies universal values of loyalty, devotion, and strength, which resonate with people worldwide.

Q. Can we expect a unique approach to Hanuman Ji’s legend in this series?
A. Absolutely, “The Legend of Hanuman” aims to provide a fresh narrative that resonates with modern audiences while staying true to the essence of the character.

Q. How has social media contributed to the pre-release buzz?
A. Social media platforms have become hubs for fans to share their excitement, speculations, and expectations, generating a wave of anticipation for the series.

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