“Jawan” Trailer Review: Anticipation Soars for This Action Extravaganza


“Jawan” is a very exciting thriller with a plot that appears to span two generations. As per the trailer, the story appears to be revolved around ‘A man fighting as a vigilante to right the wrongs of the society on his own with few of his female fellows, as the law and order is mostly corrupted and doing nothing to rectify the surroundings, driven by multiple reasons patriotic and personal’.

In this article, let’s jump into other factors of the film that makes it a global buzz.

First Impressions:

The cast of “Jawan” is a big reason why the trailer gets people’s attention, but that’s not the only reason. It’s appealing in every way because of the way it looks, how it feels, and how much thought went into it. Some of the details are easy to miss, but they had a big effect on the audience, which we’ll talk about in more depth in the next section.

Jawan's trailer best shot
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Visuals and Cinematography:

One of the key factors that makes the trailer attractive is the cinematography, with the beautiful shots and top-notch transitions it becomes a visual treat to all of us. You can see the example of it in the above screenshot. 

When it comes to VFX, “Jawan” looks like it will be a good experience overall. However, the drone shots in the video could have been better, especially since they come from “Red Chillies Entertainment,” the best production company in the country.

On the other hand, there is one interesting aspect that most of us probably haven’t noticed. I talked about it in the part below called “Tones and Atmosphere of Jawan.”

Editing and Pacing:

The trailer maintains an excellent pacing throughout, keeping the audience engaged without revealing too much. You can see all the characters, but you wouldn’t be able to guess what happened to any of them in the past. The editing style is dynamic, and the transitions are great, which adds to the drama and excitement of the trailer.

All rights reserved by Red Chillies Entertainment

Music and Sound Design:

The trailer’s music and sound design are powerful and immersive. The intense score enhances the overall experience, adding to the tension and suspense. The sound effects, particularly in the action scenes, are impactful and draw you into the world of “Jawan.”

Plot Teasers:

The “Jawan” trailer teases us with hints of a story with many layers. It shows glimpses of the threat that is coming and the dangerous job that the Jawans have to do. It doesn’t give away any big spoilers, which is good because it leaves room for mystery and fan theories.

All rights reserved by Red Chillies Entertainment

Tone and Atmosphere of “Jawan”:

The trailer sets the mood and atmosphere totally suspenseful and thrilling at the top heights with its blue and red color tones. While discussing about the tones we cannot miss the detail that the action scenes in the trailer in which law and order (right wing) is in action are set to blue and when it comes to the main character (left wing) it shows all action scenes in red, it did not stop there when it shows the main character as anti-hero or negotiating (not in action) it is dual tone with both red and blue. It is too accurate to be a coincidence and make you feel go wow if you noticed it.

Audience Appeal and Expectations:

Expectations are sky high; you have never seen Shah Rukh Khan in this avatar before. Fans are too excited are totally ready to shout in the cinema halls. Trailer definitely gives you goosebumps.
Audience appeal is so tall that it is being said that it is going to break all records including actor’s previous super-hit “Pathan”.


“Jawan” is set to be released on 7th September 2023, and based on the trailer alone, it looks like a must-watch for fans of action-packed, dystopian cinema. I encourage fellow movie enthusiasts to keep an eye and share their thoughts and theories on this promising film before its release.

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